When it comes to decorating a commercial office space, often the thought of filling a room with furniture or adorning blank walls with art can seem daunting, as can the budget. When you don’t have the vision of Philippe Starck or Kelly Hoppen, where on earth do you start?

Designing an interior scheme for an office, whether it’s for open plan workstations, a conference room or lobby, should begin not with mood boards or pinterest pages (although we love doing that), but developing an idea of what atmosphere you want to create.

A place of work doesn’t want to be drab and uninspiring for the people that work there does it?

Companies and their work force stationed in your property, want to be able to invite clients over for meetings in their swanky HQ, not suggesting meetings in pokey coffee shops because they’re secretly embarrassed of where they work. They should be proud of where they’re based. We’re not saying every office should look like Google HQ (but that would be cool, right?) as that’s not being realistic. But a lick of paint can go a long way to improving a space and enlivening an environment.

Above all else your office space should be warm, welcoming, and a place that allows for an abundance of creativeness and productivity.

We have decades of experience within interior design, and have delivered results for office suites nationwide. We’re here to call upon on when a space needs sprucing up to draw those enquiries in and get new tenants through the door. Filling up those offices though isn’t the be all and end all, ultimately it’s about creating an environment that offers the capacity to bring out the best in businesses that already reside there, bring about passion and spark ideas.

We recently had the pleasure of giving a facelift to one of Newcastle’s finest office developments. Commissioned by CBRE, we developed a new interior scheme that highlights Newcastle’s history and Tyne river heritage, to liven up the interior of Time Central.

We methodically researched Newcastle and it’s history to gain a knowledge of its past and present (a lot of this involved our Geordie creative director reciting ye olden times – joking Trace!), to create a more informed and inspiring proposal for the client, that we felt would enrich the office interior and bring it to life.

The scheme included a large scale historic map of Newcastle in the heart of the lobby waiting area, with photographic art prints in the hallway that highlight different eras of the city and it’s architectural development. Each stairwell floor was hand painted in a rich array of greens that marry nicely with the building’s beech finished doors and handrails. The stairwells now also feature brushed aluminum floor numbers with a distinctly industrial edge, influenced by the city’s industrial heritage that grew from the Victorian era.

All elements of the job were designed, produced and installed by ourselves here at Studio One, meaning we could offer a one-stop solution for our client and their needs.

It’s projects like these that help us relay to our clients the significance of place making, and drawing inspiration from your initial surrounds. If your office is in a beautiful town or city with stunning architecture, steeped in history and heritage, then why not shout about it?

“Studio One have recently transformed the main reception area here in Time Central, Newcastle.

It has been a great addition to this area and draws many admirers, however, the biggest talking point is the three pictures of Newcastle through the ages. I have had brilliant comments from visitors and tenants alike.”

Regional Facilities Manager

Other projects we’ve enjoyed working on in the past include Verity House in Leeds, home to TPT Retirement Solutions.

Here we were tasked with rejuvenating a dated lobby space that was in need of some TLC. Again, we studied the city’s cultural heritage, and created bespoke photographic canvases that adorn the high walls and give a sense of grandeur, not just of the space, but the city itself.

Our studies of Leeds took us to the streets, where with a camera in hand, we photographed Leeds’ architectural highlights, delivering a tailor-made design direction for the client that fits perfectly.

Further inside Verity House we wallpapered communal areas and even collaborated with a local artist who created a set of paintings that now hang with pride in the building’s main conference room. These truly bespoke offerings really helped with the success of the project and have given the building an identity that goes far beyond a logo.

Collaborating with local artists is an avenue we like to explore on projects.
A building’s walls don’t have to offer a reflection of the city. They can instead offer a reflection of the people who view them. Dynamic art that tells a story of it’s buildings inhabitants, in a more abstract way, can provoke deeper thought, meaning and inspiration in the workplace.

If you have wall space that requires a facelift in an upcoming project, we hope this post has given you some inspiration, and if you’re interested in working with us then feel free to get in touch today.

Our Creative Director and fountain of knowledge Trace will be happy to discuss some truly off the wall ideas with you.